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A Guide to the Teaching Profession Salary

Teachers can earn a good salary but if you are considering training to be a teacher, you should learn about how the salary progression works in teaching. In England and Wales, the main pay scale for teachers is between £25,000 and £32,000 depending on which area you are employed. Jobs in London usually offer higher salaries due to the cost of living.

Generally, in state-funded schools, teachers will start at the bottom of the pay scale and the longer they teach, the more opportunities there are for pay progression. There are six points on the main pay scale and teachers will be assessed on their performance each year, and can progress to the next point if the governing body is satisfied with the performance level. 

To move onto the next pay scale point, a teacher must be assessed as “highly competent in all elements of the relevant standards; and that the teacher’s achievements and contribution to an education setting is substantial and sustained.”

The 2021-2022 main pay range and spine points:

Minimum M1 £25,714

M2 £27,600

M3 £29,664

M4 £31,778

M5 £34,100

M6 £36,961

Additional responsibilities (Teaching and Learning Responsibilities)

As well as having the opportunity to increase your pay each year you teach, teachers will often apply for roles within the school that give them extra responsibilities and pay. For example, being a Head of Year or being the Lead for Safeguarding will come with a pay increase to reflect the added responsibilities. This scale tends to be more flexible and many schools will select an increase relevant to the teacher’s experience.

Becoming the Head of Department is another career progression opportunity that will enable teachers to earn more money. Again, the additional pay may depend on factors such as the size of the department and how many people they are leading.

Being a member of the Leadership Team at a school will also put you onto an increased pay scale which ranges from L1 (£42,195 to L43 (£117,197) based on the 2021/22 national advisory pay points.

Independent schools

Independent schools and academies are run a bit more like a business and there is greater flexibility around salaries. As a rough guide, most independent school teachers will earn between £36,000 and £50,000, which is fairly similar to state schools. Headteachers might be able to earn more at independent schools than in state schools.

Supply teachers

How much you earn as a supply teacher will depend on your experience and how regularly you work. The average daily rates for supply teachers in England in 2020-21, as published by NASUWT, ranged between £131.87 and £213.36. You must also factor into account that supply teachers will not usually be paid for holidays, while paid holidays are one of the top benefits of being a permanent teacher.

Generally, teachers’ salaries start off relatively low but good teachers will quickly move up the pay scale and those who want to take on added responsibilities can earn six figure salaries.

If you would like more advice on the teaching profession salary or how to get started in teaching, contact our team.

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