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    If yes, please provide details (including dates) of countries you have lived in over the past 5 years:

    Emergency Contact Details

    In the event of an emergency, who should be contacted?




    Health and Disability

    The following questions on health and disability are asked in order to find out your needs in terms of reasonable adjustments to access our recruitment service and to find out your needs in order to perform the job or position sought.

    Employment History

    Starting with your most recent job, paid and/or unpaid, please list employment providing all the details requested. It is important that you include periods of unemployment, and if you have been self-employed you will be required to provide proof. If you are successful for the post, we will obtain references (one must be from your present/most recent employer) which may cover a full 5-year history. They could include time spent in education.

    Previous Employment (in chronological order)













    Character Referee


    Suitable Person Declaration

    Only complete this section if the job description indicates that the post is exempt from the provisions of the Rehabilitation Act 1974.

    Criminal Convictions Declaration

    Note: Declaring your criminal record does not exclude you from employment. However, we need to know all relevant information to be able to make decisions that will ensure children and/or vulnerable adults in our organization are safeguarded. Information collected will be stored confidentially and destroyed according to our Data Protection Policy. Please refer to our Privacy Statement: https://worldwideeducation.co.uk/privacy-notice/

    Failure to declare a conviction that you must disclose may require us to exclude you from our register or terminate an assignment if the offence is not declared but later comes to light. We may be legally obliged to disclose further information to a Client regarding a criminal conviction, including Statement, Disclosure Copy and details of the conviction.

    Please tick as applicable:

    Please list the nature of conviction(s)/offence(s), Penalty imposed e.g. caution, fine, sentence etc, Date convicted and Spent*/Unspent

    *A conviction will become spent after a ‘rehabilitation period’. A list of these periods can be found on the Disclosure and Barring Service website and will depend on the sentence received.

    Please note: This post is regarded as exempt under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, you are therefore required to declare here whether you have any criminal convictions, even if they would otherwise be regarded as spent.

    I consent to Worldwide Education processing my criminal records information for the purposes of providing work finding services to me and any legal obligations it may have to process such information.

    Disqualification under the Childcare Act 2006

    Only complete this section if the job description indicates that the post falls under one of the following relevant childcare roles:

    • Provision of early years childcare; or

    • Later years childcare in nursery primary or secondary school settings.

    • Staff directly concerned with the management of the above.

    Please visit the following link to the Department for Education statutory guidance:

    It sets out the circumstances in which individuals are disqualified from undertaking relevant childcare work under the relevant statutory provisions. As part of our safeguarding checks we are required to check whether any candidates who are seeking work that involves relevant childcare work are ‘disqualified’ from carrying out that type of work. Individuals may be disqualified because they have either been convicted of a relevant offence or are subject to a relevant order. Please review the statutory guidance which provides further details and sign below if you can confirm the following:


    I confirm that:

    We are required to notify you that is a criminal offence for you to work in a relevant childcare role or to be directly concerned with the management of such provision if you are disqualified under the relevant statutory provisions. If you are disqualified we will not be able to place you/supply you into a role that involves relevant childcare work. However, as set out in the statutory guidance you may be able to apply to Ofsted for a waiver of disqualification and you should contact Ofsted directly for details of the application process.

    Data Protection Statement and Declaration

    I understand and agree that for as long as reasonably necessary for the purposes of providing me with temporary work and/or employment opportunities and/or for other lawful purposes both in paper files and on our database systems, the following may apply:

    1. Worldwide Education may obtain, keep, produce, use and disclose records containing personal data about me in line with the Data Protection Laws and Confidentiality Clause

    2. Worldwide Education may use my personal data to undertake periodic checks to comply with Safeguarding guidance and statutory regulations (e.g. relevant barring list checks every 3 months). Worldwide Education may also be required to forward personal data to other organisations for these purposes.

    3. I give my consent to Worldwide Education to request references from all the referees listed on this form and will obtain consent from myself to contact my current employer for a reference.

    4. I give my consent to Worldwide Education to check my DBS on the Update Service every 3 months.

    5. (if applicable) I give my consent to Worldwide Education to check my Biometric Residence Permit using the online service for employers.

    6. Worldwide Education may pass some of my personal data to other organisations for the purpose of providing me with benefits, payroll services and other HR services.

    7. I further understand and agree that Worldwide Education may pass information contained within and resulting from my application including any reference checks received, all forms completed by me (excluding Disclosure and Barring Cert) to organisations who employ or engage me directly or indirectly through Worldwide Education. My information will be used by said organisations for the purpose of processing my application, ongoing personnel administration, inspecting Worldwide Education’s files, additional screening and other lawful purposes.

    8. I consent to the agency processing my personal data with third parties including the REC for the purposes of audits and investigations carried out on the agency to ensure that the agency is complying with all relevant laws and obligations.

    9. I also agree that Worldwide Education and other companies related and/or within Worldwide Education may contact me via telephone, SMS/text message and/or post, or any other relevant forms of communication for the purposes set out in this agreement.

    10. I acknowledge that without my consent to process my personal data in this manner, Worldwide Education will be unable to assist me in my search for work. I hereby confirm that Worldwide Education may disclose my personal data and my data may be held and stored as set out by the Data Protection Laws.

    I have read and understood the Privacy Notice provided to me at the time of registration and that can also be found online on https://worldwideeducation.co.uk/privacy-notice/

    Final Declaration

    I declare that the information given on this application form is, to the best of my knowledge, correct and complete and can be treated as part of any subsequent contract of employment.

    I understand that Worldwide Education Recruitment may process, by means of a computer database or otherwise, any information which I provide to it, for the purpose of employment with us.

    Oliver Denison

    Compliance Officer and DSO

    With a background in compliance and security vetting in the aviation industry, I decided to
    transfer and further develop my expertise in compliance within the education sector. I joined
    Worldwide Education in July 2021, and since then have gained a great deal of knowledge,
    through day-to-day learning and training courses. I look forward to what the future holds at
    Worldwide Education. I love travel, cinema, good food and going on walks with my sausage


    Samantha Neziri

    Branch Manager : Langley

    Hi I’m Samantha. I joined Worldwide Education in 2017 and since then I have developed my
    career within in recruitment. I am now the Branch Manager for Langley and work across the
    Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire area. I am currently completing my level 3 in recruitment
    practise and I am looking forward to putting my new skills to good work. I enjoy spending
    time with family and friends and getting to experience new adventures in life.